Vinyes Tortuga Juicy 2020

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When Dido was doing her masters in Anthropology, focusing on the independent winemakers of the Swartland, she realised that she wanted to make wine for a living. She promptly called Jurriaan who jumped on the next plane to South Africa and there they did their first harvest. Still in their early twenties, they spent the next 4 years travelling around the world working for winemakers they loved before they finally settled in the Emporda, in the north of Catalunya. They found 11 hectares with a tiny shack of a house and 9.5 hectares of vines and quite ambitiously crowdfunded enough money to buy it all plus some old winemaking equipment. They made their first ever vintage in 2018 and were very happy with the result. In their own words, every day they discover more and more about the land, the climate and terroirs in their new home and they will surely get more and more insight with each new vintage. They are in the process of converting their entire estate to biodynamic.

The vines are located within view of the Mediterranean and the sea influence is strong. The salty sea breeze brings humidity whereas the gale force winds that funnels in from the Pyrenees is cool and dry and, though at times destructive, is essential in preventing mould and mildew.

Prior vintages have been 50/50 Garnatxa/Merlot but sadly 2020 was a terrible year for mildew and Dido and Jur lost the majority of their Merlot. This year sees just 10% Merlot and a significant drop in production. The grapes are all destemmed by hand and then pressed directly and aged in fibreglass tank before bottling with zero additions.

Garnatxa (90%), Merlot (10%)

Catalunya, Spain