Sklep 58 Veltlínské Zelené Orange 2019

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Sklep58 started out as the wine project of two friends, Jakub and Filip who both studied viticulture of together at university. After becoming well versed in the use of additives in winemaking, they decided that low intervention winemaking was the way forward for them. Neither are from a winemaking family, so when they graduated the first step was to look for a place where they could make their wines. One phone call from a friend to visit a 120 year old vacant cellar in Pavlov and Sklep58 was born - cellar in Czech is "Sklep", the house number was 58. The grapes come from the private vineyards of their lecturer (and grape cross-breeder) Vlastimil Perina and are organically grown. In their cellars you can find the marvels of old times like manual grape crushers and basket presses. The don't use any machinery in the vineyard or the cellars, working purely by hand, and move the juice and wine by gravity only. For fermenting and ageing the wine, they use old oak barrels and amphorae. There is no filtering or fining of the wines and minimal Sulphites are added - if any. All of their wines are vegan.

An orange wine made from Grüner Veltliner. The grapes were hand-harvested and de-stemmed, then crushed and left to ferment for 2 months. Aged for 10 months in old oak barrels, stirred monthly for some light oxidation and then bottled directly from the barrel with no sulphites added. A lighter, fruity orange style with lighter tannins and structure with a rich texture and a hint of white pepper on the finish. 

Gruner Veltliner (100%)

Pavlov, Czech Republic