Pierre Andrey GA18dj140 2018

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Pierre Andrey is a unique vigneron based in the northern French city of Metz. Working a small parcel of vines near his home, and working closely with a few organic growers in Alsace, Beaujolais and Jura, he is producing some of the most considered, pure and reflective wines we have ever tasted. Aside from an incredibly selective hand in the vineyard his methods in the winery are what some would consider unusual — he vinifies every wine in 50 litre glass demijohn. To say these are rare would be a bit of an understatement, each demijohn bottled is an individual cuvee resulting in a  limited release of around 66 bottles. These are wines that are both explorations of terroir and a showcase of expression that can be achieved through the Andrey method, of which he is notoriously secretive. Truly special, and extremely limited.

Pierre's Gamay comes from a plot of 'golden limestone' in southern Beaujolais. Grapes are kept in whole bunches before being pressed into glass demijohns. bottled at the start of summer 2020. Pure, delicate and perfumed - Gamay does not get better than this.

Gamay (100%)

Lorraine, France