Gonzalo Grijalba Gran Cerdo Blanco 2019

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Wii Gonzalo's father (Gonzalo Gonzalo) suffered for many years due to exposure to the herbicides and other chemicals that he used in the vineyards in the 1970's. This, alongside Gonzalo's study of oenology led to a decision to the conversion of the vineyard to practice organic farming methods while following the principles of biodynamics. Gran Cerdo is possibly one of the most iconic and recognisable labels out there currently, with the design being a tribute to the big pigs (read bankers) who would not give them a loan to kickstart the winery project. However, they did manage to succeed, and in doing so they've created a wine with a taste almost resembling apricot yogurt, and with a wonderful rant on the back.

Viura (80%) Other varietals (20%)

Rioja, Spain