Verdevique Tinto Cosecha 2018

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The Garcia family have 22 hectares of land in the Contraviesa mountain range, on the southern face of the Sierra Nevada. Their vineyard has been in the family for generations with half of the property being dedicated to vines, the other to organic almond and fig trees. With the vineyard set between 1150m and 1400m, the family turn the soil each year using mules. Soils rich in minerals and low in organic matter, with low levels of annual rainfall means that the vines push their roots deep into the surface to reach water, sucking up minerals along the way. Despite the vineyards position in the south, proximity to the mediterranean helps the wines to retain a certain freshness and balance.

Taken from between 1150m and 1300m, the grape bunches are destemmed and pressed, followed by a 25 day maceration in stainless steel before maturing in vats for 9 months. Tinto Cosecha is a young and punchy wine full of concentrated flavours, reminiscent of the wild herbs that grow in abundance on the slopes of the region.

Tempranillo (60%), Garnacha (40%)

Granada, Spain